What you didn't know about May's Birthstone

What you didn't know about May's Birthstone

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With May on the horizon, we dive into some of the legend and lore behind this sparkling spring gem. Emerald is symbol of Hope in some circles, a sign of success in others and also the gift stone for the 20th, 35th and 55th anniversaries.

The Serena Tennis Necklace in Emerald

The Serena Tennis Necklace in Emerald


It began with a simple invitation...

—come to Emmaline Pankhurst’s house on Saturday, 10 October, 1903. There was work to be done. As they made their way to 62 Nelson Street to begin arrangements for the revolution, the women of Manchester who had tired of waiting for equal rights to be granted to them had no way of knowing what was in store for them in the coming years, but they knew they were ready—ready to go to battle for their right to vote, their right to divorce their husbands, their right to pursue higher education, and their right to hold jobs currently reserved for men. And go to battle they did. As members of the Women’s Social and Political Union, they held marches, challenged politicians, chained themselves to each other and buildings, and went on hunger strikes in prison. 

votes for women

Into each fray these suffragettes proudly wore the colors of the movement—white, purple, and green. White for purity, purple for loyalty and dignity, and green for hope. For those who could afford to wear their suffragette colors in the form of gemstone jewelry, emeralds were chosen as the embodiment of green. For more than simply its vibrant hue, it is only fitting that suffragettes chose this noble gem to symbolize their hope for a future where women’s voices and choices were afforded the same respect as those of men. In ancient Rome, emeralds were said to be the jewel of Venus—the goddess of good fortune and victory. And the brilliant green of these magnificent gems is symbolic of vitality and new beginnings. 


Discovered in Egypt more than 3000 years ago, emeralds are variants of the mineral beryl, and the credit for their dynamic green color belongs to trace amounts of chromium and vanadium present in the beryl. Nearly all emeralds hold within themselves inclusions of softer minerals known as jardinsgardens in French. Along with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, emeralds are among the four most precious gemstones in the world, and at times have surpassed the other three jewels in perceived desirability. Throughout history and across geographical boundaries, emeralds have been claimed by royalty, offered to the gods, negotiated in trade, and gifted in love. They are sublime gemstones without equal—prized by Cleopatra, Queen Victoria, Jackie Onassis, and Princess Diana as well as countless others who may not be famous but who have known the unique bliss of adorning themselves with emeralds. 



Faithfulness and fidelity, clarity and insight, and harmony and creativity are among the attributes associated with this birthstone of May. With their soothing energy, these gorgeous gems of the heart chakra represent unconditional love and can assist with cultivating empathy and compassion in the wearer. As a gemstone which embodies the full expanse of romantic relationships—from the first blush of infatuation to the affection and commitment which endures through all which tests it—emeralds are a perfect choice for celebrating an enduring love. While their ability to breathe fresh life into the spirit of the wearer and bring focus and energy to the task at hand is available to all who wear them, emeralds are said to be particularly auspicious to those born in May. For those fortunate children of the spring, emeralds are said to offer an extra measure of refreshment, good health, and success in endeavors. 


Pleasurable to behold and even more glorious to wear, emeralds have inspired, revitalized, sustained, and emboldened people from almost the moment they were first discovered. Featured in the facts and fancies of civilizations throughout time, these sumptuous stones are a fabulous addition to your own story or the tale of someone you love.

Windchime Earrings

The Wind Chime Emerald Hoop Earrings 

Light as a feather and seamless to wear, these mini hoops jiggle and swing with every step like chimes in the summer breeze.

Wear one in every piercing, hear them softly move and daydream of a place where your biggest concern is what grand adventure comes next.


The Vintage Emerald And Baguette Diamond Ring

A soul in balance, a heart brimming with lasting love—this ring symbolizes both and is perfect for celebrating an engagement or reaffirming the strength of a love that will continue to go the distance.

The Vintage Emerald And Baguette Diamond Ring

Zodiac Coin Necklace

The Zodiac Constellation Coin Necklace

With your own personal Taurus Zodiac set in winking little diamonds across a sky of 18k Gold this classic coin pendant is the perfect gift for the one you love.

The Art Deco Muzo Emerald And Old Euro Diamond Ring

When Elizabeth refurbished this ring, she felt it calling for something special. Instead of another diamond, she went hunting for months for the perfect emerald to balance and compliment the old European cut diamond...

Art Deco Muzo Ring

Birthstone Emerald

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